Portable Station ART-32A

Specially designed for balloon flights.

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Product Overview

Modular Design

The ART-32A Portable Station is the latest version of the successful ART Portable Station series,
the most popular communication box specially designed to operate in hot air balloons.

The key concept is the modular design which allows integration in a single box of a VHF Airband Radio,
Mode-S Transponder and GPS for ADS-B transmission.

The ART-32A Portable Station can be configured to your current requirements whilst it retains the possibility to upgrade it in the future.
Many options are available. Please check the Reference Product Chart to see which is the most suitable for your application.

Our technology partners are FUNKE Avionics and TQ Avionics.


The transponder allows the height, position and call sign of your balloon to be seen clearly by ATC radar leading to increased safety for the balloon operator.

We offer 2 possibilities: Funke TRT800H-LCD and TQ Avionics KTX2-S.V2. If you already have a transponder then you can order the wired version of the Portable Station enabling you to utilise your existing transponder.

VHF Radio

The VHF airband radio allows voice communications with any other aircraft, airport control tower and with your ground support crew.

We offer 2 possibilities: Funke ATR833-LCD and TQ Avionics KRT2-S. If you already have the radio then you can order the wired version of the Portable Station to utilise your existing radio.


Get the optional Haicom HI-206 non TSO'd GPS which allows your transponder to transmit ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) protocol.

Your GPS position, heading and ground speed are precisely shown in Air Traffic Screens in addition to Mode-S data.

Key Features

Rugged compact and lightweight

All you expect from a professional Portable Station: Fully featured, compact and lightweight design to provide many years of reliable operation.

Powerful Lithium Battery

Let us surprise you with the power of this state-of-the-art Li-Io battery. An integrated BMC (Battery Management Circuit) takes care of every parameter. Voltage, current, temperature and cell balance always under control.

Smart Battery Charger

No matter where you fly because the universal battery charger accepts any AC mains network. Using CC-CV (Constant-Current / Constant-Voltage) technique ensures safe full charge in less than 7h.

External Power Input

For very long use the Portable Station can be externally DC powered, keeping the system always alive. The charging port is used for that purpose. A smart circuit detects if the charger or external DC is connected to operate accordingly.

Cigarette and USB Power Outlets

Use the ART Portable Station to power external devices like GPS, tablets and smartphones using the cigarette and USB connectors. Both power outputs are linear regulated to avoid RF interferences and short circuit protected.

Rugged Protection

The side flanges and the padded cordura carry bag take care of the Portable Station when in use. The the top cover and the rigid waterproof carry case give you peace of mind when shipping.

Battery Gauge

The available energy in the battery is always shown by the accurate readings of the 3-color LED battery gauge. There is still a remaining emergency energy after last red LED is extinguished.

How it Works?

A balloon flight with the ART-32A


Supplied accessories

Every part has been carefully selected and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Please check the Accessories Product Chart to see which accessories are included in each version.

Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews

We are pleased to serve the balloon pilot community and sincerely appreciate your opinions.


  • FAQ's

Here you can find the user manual of the devices we use in the different configurations of the Portable Station.

Installed devices must be correctly configured to ensure proper operation. Here you can find the factory setup for all of them. Please check before sending units for service.

Other support documentation.

Balloon Avionics do provide full support to the ART-32A Portable Station and installed devices.

In the event of any issue please contact us.

The ART-32A Portable Station itself can be only serviced at the factory. The radio and/or transponder installed can be serviced only in the manufacturer designed repair centers.

Only pre-paid shipping goods are accepted.

  1. Which manufacturer is better: FUNKE Avionics or TQ Avionics?

    Both manufactures provide high quality EASA Form 1 approved devices, that's why we have selected to install their radios and transponders in the Portable Station.
    Characteristics and specifications are very similar so that we suggest to read the user manuals and check the manufacturer's websites to see which is the best for you. Any decision will be successful.

  2. What is a "Wired version"?

    When you already have a radio or a transponder from FUNKE Avionics (ATR833-II / TRT800H) or TQ Avionics (KRT2-S / KTX2-S.V2) you can install by yourself in the ART-32A Portable Station because all the necessary wiring is done.
    Simply open the box with a Phillips screwdriver, fix the device in the front panel and plug the main harness and antenna connectors. All the job is done!
    If you have a device from another manufacturer or not listed above please contact us.

  3. It is possible to upgrade a Portable Station of preceding series to the latest ART-32A?

    Yes it is, and we encourage you to do that to enjoy all the improvements we add in any new launch. If interested, please contact and let us know which Portable Station do you have to prepare an upgrade quotation.
    You will be surprised how fast and affordable it is.

  4. No radio reception

    Check the mic/speaker is correctly connected to the Portable Station.
    Check the volume of the radio is not too low and the squelch not too high. See standard setup for your radio in the support section.
    Check the COM antenna is correctly connected and in good condition.
    Check the active frequency is in the upper side and the standby frequency in the lower side.

  5. Poor radio range

    Check the COM antenna is correctly connected and in good condition.
    Check the COM antenna is not too close to metal or body parts. They absorb the transmitted RF signals.
    Check the recommended setup parameters related to MIC levels.
    Consider VHF radio communications are only possible in the line of sight, without any obstacle interfering.

  6. ATC do not see us

    Check the transponder is not in standby mode.
    Check the ATC antenna is correctly connected and in good condition. Also check coaxial extension cord if used.
    Check the ATC requested code is in the upper side (active code), not in the lower side (standby code).
    Press ID button in the transponder if requested by the ATC.
    Consider transponder operation is only possible in the line of sight, without any obstacle interfering.

  7. Do not appear in flightradar24.com (FR24)

    Check the HEX code and registration has been correctly setup in the transponder.
    Check communication parameters between the transponder and the GPS have been correctly setup. See standard setup for your transponder and GPS in the support section.
    FR24 is a very nice an useful website but not an official aviation service. Check you are in a FR24 coverage area.

  8. FR24 icon is not a balloon

    Check if your transponder has correctly setup the Aircraft Type.
    Not all FR24 receivers provide Aircraft Type to the website so you can appear as a plane despite everything is correctly setup in your transponder.

  9. Portable Station is dead

    Check the battery has a minimum of charge. Charge at least for 10 minutes to ensure the minimum charge level to power on the Portable Station.
    Cycle the main switch ON-OFF-ON to reset the internal electronic overload protection.

  10. Charger does not light RED (Charging)

    The battery is already fully charged.
    Check the main switch is in the Charge position.
    Check the charger is correctly connected to AC mains and to the Portable Station Charge input.

  11. Major disaster

    If the Portable Station has been submerged in an exciting skimming the water flight or has dropped from an excessive height please send us pictures of the wreckage to see if we can save any part!

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